Laying Low in Monterey Bay area

It has been a long time since the last post. Much has transpired since… Where do I begin?! During the last post, I was in Roswell, NM at a wonderful Helpx hosts’ house. While there for about three weeks, I met great people that were also helpxing and couchsurfing in addition to connecting with the local community. Here is a brief rundown of what transpired up until this point in time:
-CS’ed in Las Cruces, NM; Portal, AZ; Tucson, AZ
-Helpxed at Gold Bar Ranch in Kirkland, AZ
-Spent time with family for the holidays in Yuma, AZ; Spring Valley, CA and Oxnard, CA
-Helpxed at Harmony Hill in Exeter, CA and Rocking 7 Ranch in Priest Valley, CA
-Spent alot of time in Three Rivers, Big Sur, and Salinas, CA
During these past 2-3 months, my memory has been filled with wonderful times and have met amazing people from different states and countries. I have done many activities ranging from exploring caves (at Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico), riding horses, participating in a cattle roundup, hiking beautiful rugged terrain, attending and participating in drum circles around a bonfire, exploring nature, spending a few nights at a monastery overlooking the Pacific Ocean, camping in cold weather, to name a few activities. I will be here for a few more days then I am headed off to San Fransisco. Here are a few photos from my travels:

After the snow passed in Roswell, NM
Near Three Rivers, CA
Beautiful creatures
 While the sun was coming down I felt uplifted as I overlooked the towns of Visalia and Exeter, CA
Beautiful Pacific Ocean near Big Sur, CA

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